Friday, August 31, 2012

Moisture & Mold

Inadequate ventilation and leaks can cause moisture to build up in your home and moisture can lead to mold. If you have ever noticed condensation on your interior tiles, painted surfaces, or windows, you may have a moisture problem. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to fix and prevent moisture build up.
1. Fix water leaks immediately! Water stains on walls & ceilings, puddles under pipes or around the toilet, bubbling paint, wet basements, and rotting wood, are all signs of a water leak.
2. Keep gutters & downspouts in working order. If you do not have gutter guards, they should be cleaned twice a year to prevent clogging.
3. If your home has an attic, it should also have an attic ventilation system. These systems prevent build up as heat and moisture rise up into the attic space. There are many different choices for venting your attic space and your home may already have one in place. If so, make sure it works properly and clear the vents of all debris.
4. Run your exhaust fan  every time you take a shower, cook a meal, or run your dishwasher. Dryers should also have a vent that leads outside. All of these activities create a large amount of moisture. If your kitchen or bathroom don’t have an exhaust fan, install one!
5. Direct drainage away from your house. Do you know where your downspouts empty? If not, its time to find out! If it seems like rainwater isn’t being directed AWAY from your house, you have a drainage issue. Some simple rerouting can easily fix this.
6. Make sure you have vapor barriers. Vapor barriers are generally ran under your flooring or along your basement walls.
7. If you need helping diagnosing or fixing your moisture/mold issues, call us! (865) 202-8501


  1. Moisture and mold can not particularly harm the roof but can cause health problems for the inhabitants, so it is always better to clean the roof atleast once every year to prevent their formation.

  2. Proper ventilation in the attic and getting roof thoroughly inspected and maintained would largely keep hour roof safe from moisture and mold.